What You Should Know About Car Shipping Companies

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Whether you are shipping your son’s Mazda across the country, his Road Star Silverado motorcycle, or the classic 1965 Corvette you sold to another collector up North, always deal with the most reliable, yet affordable car shipping company you can find.

A dependable auto transport company will be fully licensed and bonded. In addition, they offer all-inclusive car shipping insurance coverage to their customers, at no extra charge. A well established, trustworthy vehicle transportation company is a specialist in the industry, and will offer an extensive range of transportation possibilities. The more comprehensive their services, the better your vehicle will be treated.

Try to find an all-inclusive car shipping company that can handle some of the following requests:

• Transportation of dealer and auctioned automobiles and motorcycles

• Shipping of privately owned vehicles

• Delivery of cars purchased via the Internet

• Moving of corporate cars

• Distribution of manufactured cars and trucks

• Hauling on both open and enclosed auto transport carriers.

When researching your car shipping options, do a little comparison shopping. Not all transportation providers have the same rates. Inquire about their fees, taxes, as well as any hidden charges. Information on your shipping expenses may be important, especially if you are selling vehicles online. If you undercharge your customers, your profits can suffer greatly.

Premium car shipping suppliers will have a website on which they will list their terms and conditions. The site will also have a page on which you can determine your shipping costs. Simply type in where the vehicle will be picked up and its destination, and, in seconds, a custom quote will appear. If the information is insufficient, simply call the customer service department to talk to a representative. While you are on the phone, also mention any other concerns you may have.

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