Want To Sell My Car – Top 8 Secrets To Grab The Best Deal

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You need to sell your car now. Maybe you want to purchase a new one or need cash for your old car. Here are some secrets to help you get the best bargain.

a)Keep all information handy:

You need to have all the information pertaining to your car handy, the model, mileage, type of insurance, accidents if any, maintenance history sheet, mileage it gets, pollution check and so on. Any prospective buyer will definitely need this information from you, therefore it should be readily available with you.

b)When to sell?

Do not try to sell your car immediately after a big festival or occasion like Christmas, when there is no cash left in any body’s pocket. Also try to sell your car on weekend nights, where the buyer will not have much time to go to the market and look for other cars.

c)Search Online Ads or Auto Classified Ads:

You will be well advised to go on the net and surf certain sites like craigslist or eBay and find out about the comparable prices of similar models of cars. Searching through the classified columns of your local newspaper or on the net, can give you some leads about the prospective buyers and the price you can expect for your car.

d)Advertise online:

A large number of websites on the internet offer free advertisements online. This gives you a wide exposure at no initial cost. However, you may be required to pay a small fee, on completion of the sale. Just ensure that your advertisement is attractive and eye catching. You may use your car photos, front page placing, bold text, blinking icons, highlight features of your car etc. to get a good response.

e)Go to a local dealer:

The simplest method of selling your car is to take it to the nearest car dealer in your area. He will take the car for test drive and give you a quotation on the spot for purchase of your car. Quite a far times, they will make a good offer to you for making themselves popular in the community of if you are interested in buying a car in live of the one you are selling. The prices of car market are highly fluctuating and some dealers may try to cheat you, by selling your car very cheaply. So be cautious of such dealers and take your quotes from a few different dealers.

f)Consignment selling:

In consignment selling, you bring your and park it at the dealer’s place, for the prospective buyers to have a look at it and also take a test drive. You may land up getting a good price for your car; albeit you may have to pay a flat fee of say $300 or so, one completion of the sale.

g)”For Sale” sign on the car:

Put a “For Sale” sticker on your car and park it a parking lot, gas station or any other place where an traffic is high and a large number of persons can have a glimpse of the same.

h)Donate your car:

If you have a car which is classified as a non runner, meaning an old car which needs heavy repairs on engine, transmission etc. You may donate it to a local charity and get a good tax deduction for the same.

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