US Auto Sales Recovering

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We have reached mid year of 2009, but have we reached midway in this great recession?

It doesn’t appear so. Some big name economists feel we have seen the worst. Others feel the worst is yet to come. Even the famous billionaire Warren Buffet recently gave his opinion, and it was far from optimistic. He feels we are years away from a full recovery.

Hundreds of thousands of US jobs are still being lost every month. There are still thousands of jobs that have been farmed out to 3rd world countries. More and more manufacturing is being given to China. Where is that turnaround point, how far away!

How secure is your job, your home, your property, etc! No one can be sure of anything these days. Of course there are some industries not doing as badly as others, but they are the exceptions.

The auto industry has been in probably the worst slump they have ever seen. The US government bailout is starting to help the auto companies, and thereby restoring some confidence to the consumer.

If a new car is in your future, you’ll no doubt stay away from the gas guzzlers, and go for the fuel efficient smaller cars, perhaps even an electric car. I am just saying you’re going to be more cautious than ever, in making your decision.

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