Top 5 Benefits of Car Insurance Comparison For San Francisco, California Automobile Owners

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This bill has swung wide open the doors of opportunity when it comes to comparing auto insurance rates. To conform to the bill's requirements, providers must offer this service either through a toll free number or a website. The telephone and Web address information must also be posted on California's official Department of Insurance site. With this in mind, let's explore five major benefits of using car insurance rate comparison site to compare San Francisco providers.

1. Save Money through Rate Comparison

By comparing quotes from multiple companies in San Francisco, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your insurance bill every year. You can find out which company offers the best rate based on your policy needs. Whether you need liability coverage only, collision, towing, medical payments, comprehensive, etc., a comparison can give you quotes for exactly the type of policy needed.

2. Combine Research for Maximum Savings

Online comparison sites are great in and of themselves, but imagine combining the power of rate comparison with a little state and city research. San Francisco highway and automobile statistics are posted online and easily accessible. These show pertinent information that insurance providers often use to determine risk factors and premiums. By digging a little deeper, you'll discover that the average travel time a person spends going to work in San Francisco is 30.7 minutes. You'll find that there were 52 deadly car wrecks in San Francisco in 2007. San Francisco had around 5,903 vehicle thefts in 2007. Knowing the facts about San Francisco drivers can help you understand how providers view your circumstances, where you live, what type of car you drive, etc.

3. It's Free!

Online auto insurance rate comparators are totally free to use. You can even do multiple comparisons at different dates if needed. Auto insurance providers want to gain new business. So they offer the quotes free of charge in hopes of gaining a new customer. It's a win-win situation.

4. Compare Rates from Your Home

With online rate comparison sites, you can easily find out which companies offer the best rates without leaving your home. In times past, you would have to physically visit each provider, speak with an agent, fill out paperwork, and then wait on your quote. Or, you would spend hours on the phone trying to gather quotes from various San Francisco providers. Nowadays, you can go to the Web from your personal computer, type in some quick information, and view numerous rates from home.

5. Keep High Standards

Comparing online enables you to find cheap car insurance while maintaining your high standards in finding a dependent provider. Many quote sites offer comparisons from some of the best rated companies in the country. Those with an A or better rating (AM Best rating system) are likely to be financially stable for years to come. You can research company ratings, customer testimonials and more using online searches. Keep in mind that the best rated company is not always the greatest in customer service or friendship. So, do the research to determine which company rates well in all categories of service.

These are just a few ways you will benefit by doing an online car insurance rate comparison. Get started today to enjoy great savings on your San Francisco auto insurance!

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