Tips on Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

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Any insurance guru will always tell you, get as many auto insurance quotes as you can and compare, compare, compare. OK now that is easier said than done, just exactly what are we comparing here? What are the points that we need to confirm with an auto insurance quote? What are the factors of an ideal auto insurance policy? Here is a guide that you should use each and every time you obtain an auto insurance quote. Once you have confirmed all the details are right for you only then should you feel confident in choosing and awarding your investment to the right insurance company. Follow these simple steps and avoid a major misjudgment.

1. Get as many as five (5) insurance quotes from various insurance companies.

2. Find out the underwriter of each insurance company. The reputation of the underwriter will tell you many things about the stability of the insurance provider and will help you to insure that your vehicle is in the best of hands if an accident occurs.

3. When filling out the online quotation form for the company, take note of the questions they ask and compare them. The number of variables and the information that they are acquiring from you will make it easier and faster to provide you with more of a tailored fit auto insurance quote. The more variables the better because that means the company is devoted to providing you the best coverage at the lowest possible price.

4. Determine their customer service access, (if they have one at all). Compare their accessibility, are they open 24/7? Or just during business hours? Try to call them and pretend to be a policyholder. See if their customer service staff is rude or helpful. Take note of your experience because this is very important, it serves as a sneak peak of what you will experience when you need their help once you have signed up with them.

5. The formula. Every premium rate begins with a formula. It is your right to know how the insurance company arrived at the rate they are presenting to you. Compare all the factors they have considered to arrive at this rate.

6. Ask for their promos. For example. “Accident forgiveness” etc. and then compare them.

7. Circumstances. Compare how your insurance company will deal with changes in your life, when you suddenly get married, when you have children, when you buy a new home or a new car and when you past milestones like you 50th birthday. Compare how they would go about these circumstances in your life.

8. Utilize online insurance quote websites. They are fast, free and easy.

When you are comparing quotes from various auto insurance companies, be very meticulous and careful. Remember that you will be counting on this company, your driving protection lies with them. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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