The Benefits of Getting Online Motor Insurance Quotes

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Online motor insurance quotes can save you a great deal of time, effort and money when looking for cover. You may think that because you got a great deal on your car insurance last year it makes sense to stay with your provider. However, while this might be true, a lot can happen in a year and usually the cost of your motor insurance will have changed. Just because you got the best deal possible then, it does not mean you still will now.

By using a car insurance comparison website, you can shop around dozens of insurers to find the right insurance deal for you.

Getting a good deal

Online motor insurance quotes are based on many different factors and if you are aware of what they are you could make adjustments where possible in order to reduce the cost of your policy.

One of the many things to consider is your excess level. All insurance providers require that you pay a standard excess in the event of a claim. This is the amount that you would be liable for before the insurer pays out. However, you can choose to pay a voluntary excess which could knock down the cost of your motor insurance.

Is your car as safe as it possibly can be? A car that has no alarm or steering lock fitted will be seen as easier to break into. If you park it on the roadside this could be seen as another attraction for thieves. By fitting basic security, such as an immobilizer or tracking device, some insurance providers will give you a discount on your car insurance. The same can also sometimes apply by keeping your car safely parked in a garage or on a private driveway.

If you want to get even cheaper online motor insurance quotes and do not plan on using your vehicle to travel a lot then you could consider taking out insurance with limited mileage. This is where you state a maximum amount of mileage that you would travel in your car during the year. This could be a good way for two car households to make savings if one main vehicle does more mileage.

Another consideration is whether you are a ‘niche’ customer. There are many insurers out there who will offer motor insurance based on a specific type of person such as women drivers; younger motorists and the over 50’s. If you fit in to one of these categories, look for policies aimed at you as you can often make substantial savings.

Finally, safer drivers get cheaper online motor insurance quotes than those with penalty points and other driving offenses on their license. Driving carefully will also help protect your No Claims Bonus. Keeping within the speed limits, turning off your mobile phone and not jumping the lights can keep the cost of your car insurance to a minimum. It’s also worth mentioning that for a small additional fee added to your policy you can protect your No Claims Bonus. This enables you to keep your No Claims Bonus in tact – even if you are forced to make a claim.

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