Shopping for a New Car Dealer Online – 4 Tips to Streamline the Process

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Shopping for your new car dealer is as important, if not more so, than shopping for your car itself. With so many showroom options roadside, deciding which one to use can be a frustrating and stressful experience that may involve travel, waiting rooms, and time spent meeting various sales agents and finance teams.

Industry experts recommend doing as much homework as possible online, before heading to the showroom. Establishing communication, making contact with your sales team, and getting a jump start on the pre-approval and financing can streamline the entire process and put you in a position to get exactly what you're looking for. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your vehicle online:

Inventory Search and Financing Options

Any showroom worth its salt will have a comprehensive website these days, where you can actually shop for used and new cars as well as pre-approval and financing. Look for a new car dealer which website offers multiple features, including advanced search mechanisms that allow you to refine your search by loan payment amount, determine your trade-in value, and get auto insurance quotes-all from the comfort of your own home.

Doing some research beforehand can also yield information concerning manufacturer rebates and special incentive programs, which can vary widely between businesses. Some websites even offer auto insurance quotes, so you can get a better idea of ​​where your final payment will fall depending on the vehicle you choose.

Online Showroom Interactivity

Look for a new car dealer who has a wide variety of vehicle options that include detailed images, close-ups, and interactive videos. A high-quality, informative website speaks volumes about the quality of service you can expect when you visit the operation in person.

Additionally, a comprehensive website will typically include a way to communicate with the sales team about pricing, making offers, and car specifications. You can evaluate the quality of the customer service you might expect by opening a line of communication with your sales team via email or chat options online.

Trade-In Research

Many dealers now offer trade valuation modules on their websites as well-in addition to information detailing their process-so you'll have some idea of ​​what your trade-in might be worth before heading to the showroom. Checking third-party valuation systems is a good idea as well in order to know where your vehicle falls on the industry spectrum.

By doing some upfront research, you will understand where your trade-in value might extremely end up when you are at the showroom. Of course, in order to get the best fair market value for your used car, the final trade valuation must still be done in person.

Online Reputation

Finally, you can learn a lot about your new car dealer by checking out its social media activity. Reputable showrooms with a dedicated online presence will often have links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ to help customers feel confident in their brand and customer service level. Do not be afraid to communicate with the sales team through these various social media options if you have any questions about inventory, financing, or services.

Keeping communication open with your sales team and maintaining multiple levels of contact through email, social media, and the phone can help your buying experience go smoothly. Using your online resources can save you time and money by letting the dealership come correctly-and directly-to you.

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