Shipping to Israel? Important Things You Should Know When Shipping to Israel

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When you are shipping your household goods to Israel, the most important thing you need to know to get started is your status in Israel. The rules for shipping to Israel vary depending on your status. There are certain special statuses for people shipping to Israel which include:

  • Oleh Hadash
  • Katin Hozer
  • Ezrach Oleh
  • Toshav Hozer

The statuses listed above include different rules for shipping to Israel. For example, those with Oleh Hadash status can import a wide range of items tax free including two computers per family, and furniture for use in your home. If you are an Israeli citizen who has been away from Israel for six years or more, you may have Toshav Hozer status of over six years which gives you special tax discounts on vehicle imports.

Other status possibilities that influence cargo shipping to Israel are:

  • Student
  • A-1 Visa
  • B-1 Visa
  • Tourist
  • Citizen

If you are a tourist visiting Israel, you can obtain a permit for three months and import a car without having to pay taxes. Those going to Israel with A-1 Visas can import a car or motorcycle after obtaining an Israeli driver’s license and a Personal Import License from Israel’s Ministry of Transport. While all of the specifics on this are more detailed than the purpose of this article, a good cargo expert can provide you with additional helpful information about overseas shipping.

Few items are actually prohibited from importation into Israel, but there are restricted items which may affect a person moving to Israel. Prohibited items include weapons, drugs and alcohol and live plants. You also cannot bring in a large quantity of any one item. This is to insure a person is not trying to import items with his personal belongings that he plans to sell.

All printed material such as books and pictures, or anything that contains data such as films, tapes, movies, video, DVDs, computer software and CD-rom/flash drive need to be packed together and easily reached by customs officials. Customs officials need to look at all this data and it could be subject to censorship, depending on the type of material. In order to avoid problems with terrorism, customs officials need to make sure the items being brought into the country are not propaganda or terrorist related. It will be easier if you pack all these things together with a detailed inventory list.

Depending in part on your status, household belongings can be shipped to Israel duty-free with a few exceptions. All your belongings need to have been in your possession for at least 12 months, this is to ensure you are not importing anything you plan on selling (which would be subject to taxes). Only one of each type of electrical appliance will be duty free. You need to pay taxes on computers and cordless telephones. Tax rates are based on the cost, insurance, and freight of the items, often referred to as “CIF value.”

Tools, instruments and camping and sporting equipment are not typically duty free but you can still ship them. It is best if all items that are subject to duty are packed together or close together. It is also a good idea to have a detailed list of everything you have packed including what is in each box. If you’re planning on shipping a new appliance overseas to Israel, it is important to have an invoice for the item.

You can ship an automobile to Israel, however, certain types of vehicles cannot be imported. It is best to check with the consulate or with a cargo shipping company that has experience shipping vehicles to Israel to make sure your vehicle will be allowed in the country. Automobiles are not duty free. Depending on your status, you will have to pay a varying amount of taxes which are based in part on a percentage of the total value of the vehicle. You can use your driver’s license for one year once you arrive in Israel, but after that you will need to get an Israeli license.

If you plan on moving to Israel, you can bring your cat, dog or bird with you as long as it is at least three months old. You need to get a Health Certificate from your veterinarian before you leave, stating that your pet is in good health. You also need a copy of their vaccination records, especially the rabies vaccine. If you don’t have these papers when you arrive in Israel, your pet will have to stay in quarantine for about 8 days.

Shipping to Israel can be a straightforward and easy process if you follow the import rules of the country, and it may even be cheaper than buying everything new once you arrive. Israeli import regulations are simple to follow if you plan ahead, pack similar items close together and have multiple copies of a detailed packing list. Keep the import regulations in mind when you are packing and it will save a lot of time once your shipment arrives in Israel.

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