Reasons to Keep the Grades Up

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When my children reached their senior year in high school they always wanted to drive to school. It was really never a problem and always fell on their shoulders if they could from reporting period to reporting period. The agreement was that they were able to use the car for school as long as they kept up their grades. Once it fell below a “B” then they had to take the bus. So, you can imagine the embarrassment if they ever had to ride the bus for a period of time.

We would cover the insurance so they could work on their studies. If they wanted a part-time job they could not work more than twenty hours a week and they have to maintain one club or committee in school. We felt that working would come in time but the partnering in school and the extra curriculum would not be available one they had graduated and moved on to college.

In the beginning it worked with the first child and then his grades slipped and the car was taken away. He earned the grades back and finished the year driving back and forth to class. The auto insurance for having a teenager driving is not cheap so this is something you may need to compare online and get free auto insurance quotes to see who is running cheaper with their rates. The second child had trouble after the first week and we received a call from the principal.

The last child was the smartest of all. She asked that if she chose to take the bus could she have the insurance premiums banked toward a car for her to purchase when she graduated. She got a job close enough to home where she rode her bike. She banked that money and maintained her grades. She was on a committee and on a sports team and earned a college scholarship out-of-state. She said after watching the other three and where they went wrong she could do nothing but put herself in a win-win situation. When she compared online auto insurance she got a discount for her grades.

When the fall came, she left fall school to become a Physical Therapist on her Soccer scholarship knowing she would never be out of work. I guess we did something right.

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