Pitfalls of Online Auto Insurance Quote Comparisons

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Auto Insurance Quotes are a tricky deal, especially if you are using any of the online auto insurance comparison agent sites. While it is advisable to seek a good number of quotes before you purchase your policy, shop around so to speak, there are a number of pitfalls that come with seeking too many quotes from too many insurance carriers.

We all know we need auto insurance and we all know it’s good to shop around. However, the online software that is often used by agents and comparison services aren’t always that accurate or up-to-date. The other pitfall is that the more you seek quotes for your car insurance the greater the risk you run of adversely affecting your overall score for insurability.

At best you should seek at least 3 auto insurance quotes. If you want to get an idea for what you can get for the least amount of monthly payments, and let’s face it why pay more for the same type of policy when you don’t have to, here’s a good rule to follow.

Find out what one of the most expensive insurance carriers charge as well as the least expensive carrier. In this way you will have some kind of base to compare the type of coverage you are likely to get for the amount of monthly premiums you will pay.

Insurance policies can vary greatly as far as both coverage and premiums are concerned. This is a highly competitive market so many insurance carriers, in order to compete, do not always compete on price. You’ll find subtle differences in the policies and coverage. These subtleties are not always picked up by the online comparison sites that are using software to compare prices across the various companies.

Getting online auto insurance quotes from these types of sites can be deceptive because of the subtle way in which the policies may vary. Comparing on price alone is a mistake. One of the other aspects you need to consider also is how good a reputation the company has at paying out over claims made.

What is the point in having a cheap policy with good coverage and low premiums if when it comes time to make a claim, the carrier had a rap for not paying out or making it very difficult to get any money from them. Delays in claims being processed can become expensive in the long run.

When making your comparisons it’s a good idea to stick to reputable insurance companies when seeking your quotes. Compare not only the price but also the coverage and reputation for honoring legitimate claims.

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