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Ten years ago, “online car insurance quotes” meant that the agents you called had email addresses, and sent quotes to prospective clients that way, rather than a bundle of paper sent through the post office. Still, though, the process started with at least a voice-to-voice telephone conversation if not a personal appointment.

If a potential client wouldn’t personally come in to the office for a meeting, most insurance agents, back then, wouldn’t even consider giving them a quote. It used to be ridiculous to consider that agents wouldn’t use their greatest strategy for obtaining customers.

That has all changed. Relationship-focused agents are more and more being replaced by price-focused, highly automated website sales. This sea change to the Internet serves the young and urban, the groups that tend to prefer the web over all other media. As companies turn their attention more to web sales, older and less technologically sophisticated customers will be pushed to the web as their agents become less and less effective in comparison.

It is more and more common for car insurance quotes to be offered on line. As customers are increasingly occupied with other day to day activities, they have become increasingly more comfortable with online purchasing, even for major items. And, as their awareness of their options has grown along with their technological proficiency, their demand for more self-service opportunities has grown as well.

This has all served to make formerly unknown car insurance firms into viable entities. Every customer online started looking for a free quote with no strings attached, and true discount auto insurance – before the market leaders were prepared to offer them. By focusing on this change in customer appetites, small companies were able to become national players.

It seems that now, every American insurance company now offers online car insurance quotes in some form or another. The much greater number of competitors can be a good thing, as competition often leads to lower prices and/or better service from these companies.

It is in your best interest to spend a bit of time comparing the different offers of discount car insurance. Even though pronouncements of “big savings” and “free quotes” have become commonplace, just ten years ago it used to take a lot longer to search for deals; and even though technology may have changed to make your searching more convenient, there are still great companies out there fighting for your business.

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