My Auto Insurance Compared to Yours

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In the beginning, when it came time for me to get my driver’s license I was scared, anxious, and excited all at once. I went online to look for auto insurance rates so I could get an idea of what my auto insurance premiums would be and this way I could make sure that my hours at work would cover the premiums. I was surprised when my parents said as long as I maintained good grades I could join their policy. They mentioned I may have to do some of the errands when they could not and felt that was fair. In return they would pay a month when I paid a month. This would help give me an incentive to maintain my grades.

My girlfriend asked what my auto premiums were running and when I told her she asked what company I used. When she looked up the same company her rates came back much higher and she could not understand what happened in her search. I mentioned I was on a policy with my parents and she said her parents would not allow her to join theirs and that she would have to get her own. I told her to go on to the internet and look for free online auto insurance rates and also use the word cheap to see what results came back.

She found another company that would give her a policy and it was fifty dollars less a month because she had completed driver’s education in school. She took it and was soon able to drive the car that her grandmother had given her on her seventeenth birthday. She also accepted more hours at work so she could cover the monthly auto insurance premiums and gas to get her back and forth to school and work.

Whenever you think you are paying more than one of your friends when you compare auto insurance rates ask the person if they have special discounts applied or if they are on a policy with another driver giving them a discount. Then you will know why your premiums are different from theirs.

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