Motorcycle Insurance – Wear a Helmet Just in Case

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The pull of the open road attracts many people, whether they drive cars or motorcycles.  It’s particularly sweet to bikers who love feeling the rush of wind through their hair and the sense of flying nearly unencumbered over the pavement.  However, there are those who say that every biker has an obligation to wear a helmet and in some states it’s a legal requirement.  While many bikers have no problem wearing a helmet others consider helmet laws an infringement of their rights. 

The Argument against Helmets

We often hear people say they won’t wear a helmet when they hit the road.  Most of these bikers are not careless or suicidal but object to laws that compel them to wear the helmets.  They believe that our laws should not be able to tell them what to wear or when to wear it; for them, it is a question of personal freedom.

It is also a point of contention because bikers claim that the issue of mandatory helmets diverts attention from the real dangers of riding a motorcycle, the lack of courtesy and awareness of bikers.  They cite right of way violations as causes of bikers’ deaths as well as cars and trucks whose drivers don’t make it a point to be aware of two wheeled vehicles.  They also concede that inexperience is also a factor in many motorcycle injuries and deaths. 

In the view of many motorcycle aficionados, once they allow the law to compel them to wear a helmet the courts are free to take the next step to mandating other types of dress.

The Advantages of Wearing Helmets

You’ll probably not find anyone that denies the benefits of wearing a helmet.  It protects the most vulnerable part of your body-your head.  Broken bones can be mended, scrapes and cuts can heal but brain damage often means a lifetime of dependence on others and a very limited quality of life.

One heartbreaking story cites a man in Phoenix, Arizona, who was delivering his motorcycle to the buyer.  His wife had talked him into selling it because she feared for his safety and they were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, the road was slick with oil and rain, causing the bike to skid out of control.  Today that same man is in a vegetative state and his wife cares for him around the clock, unable to afford help since their insurance ran out.  A minor accident turned into a tragedy that could have been prevented had he worn his helmet-which was secured to the rear of his seat.

Not every motorcycle crash is as tragic but everyday there are grieving families and exhausted caregivers who regret that there is not an enforceable helmet law in their state.

Helmets Save You Money! 

Many insurance companies will raise their rates if a biker involved in an accident is not wearing a helmet.  The risk of insuring that person just skyrocketed and if they can still ride, they’ll pay for the privilege with higher rates. 

So please, wear a helmet–for you, for your loved ones and for lower insurance premiums.

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