Limo Owner Says Insurance Unlikely to Pay for Protest Damages

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Are you a business owner? If only things would go smooth and as we all plan it! Ever dream something like the following could happen to you?

Splashed all over the news and social media is the story about a Limo Car Service owner from Alexandria, VA who suffered severe damages to one of his vehicles as a result of the civil unrest unfolding in Washington, DC on the day of the president’s inauguration.

The Business Owner told reporters that it was likely that insurance would not pay for damages incurred by the limo that was set on fire during protests that had turned violent and ugly. Estimated replacements costs run in the thousands of dollars.

The Inside Story about Insurance and Protester Damage

What is insurance for if not for times like these?

In all fairness, insurance is for catastrophic times like these. However, the right insurance must be in place for coverage to take effect. In general, insurance does pay for personal injury and property / auto damage incurred at the hands of protesters.

While the author of this article is not privy to the particulars of Mr. Ashraf’s insurance coverage, it is safe to assume that his policy has one or more of the following aspects that prevent him from collecting damages:

• His insurance covered acts of vandalism but not protester or rioters damage.

• His insurance company may determine his chauffeur service responsible for the liability as a result of not taking proper precautions against the damages.

• His insurance policy may contain explicit exclusions that make them exempt from paying for damages.

• His specific policy may include a very high deductible for instances such as this, making any claim fiscally not worthwhile.

If one or more of these points indeed are applicable in the protester torched limo case, there are other venues that the unfortunate limo business owner can employ in order to receive compensation for his losses.

These include:

• filing a lawsuit or claim with the protest organizers

• Submitting a claim with related government agencies

• Applying for financial assistance from various charitable organizations

Of course, in cases as complex as this, business owners like the one featured in the above story would do best to consult with a reliable, experienced independent insurance agency that has their clients best interest in mind. By discussing all possible scenarios in light of politics and location where the business operates, an agent should be able to educate a company owner in regard to what type of policy is tailored to needs while scouting the network for suitable options at the most competitively lowest quotes.

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