Is There Super Insurance for Super Bowl Liability?

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He aims the ball and it soars. Another player on the same team catches and races with it. Then, an athletic member of the competing team catches up to him in a powerful tackle and the game takes a dramatic turn as loud cheers of encouragement mix with disappointed boos…

Who isn’t anticipating the Super Bowl playoffs? As the marked calendar date of Sunday February 5th, 2017 rapidly approaches, we’re putting a bold focus on protecting the event from all the exposure to liability! Given, the crowds expected at the event, there certainly are plenty of risks and hazards that potentially can spell disaster for event managers and organizers.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the insurance industry provides appropriate coverage that protects general and specific liability issues. These encompass the full spectrum of likely disasters that can occur at events such as the football league’s Super Bowl in Houston, TX, as well as other sizable events.

Examples of special events that require the same type of commercial insurance consist of affairs like the following local and national celebratory happenings:

• Sports events

• Religious gatherings

• Concerts, recitals and performances

• Horse shows

• Horse and rider rodeos

• Car races

• Horse and rider races

• Auto shows

• Boat and watercraft exhibitions

• Traveler shows

• Dances

• Public picnics

• Fairs

• Fireworks Demonstrations

• Marches and parades

• Public rallies

• Other mass assemblies

These public events incorporate more than their share of exposure. That is why the underwriters present more of a bundled policy. Included in the extensive coverage protection are the following:

• Premises liability insurance for hall or ballroom rentals, as well as arena rentals

• Outdoor arrangement – both necessary and incidental indemnity coverage – for things such as grandstand creation

• Food sale or souvenir sale products liability coverage

• Insurance protection for slander, libel and/or defamation lawsuits by a game participant, performer, musician, actor and the like

• Accident and medical expense insurance coverage for those that volunteer their services at charity fundraising events

• Expenses and profit insurance protection that is designed for event backers

• Exhibitor transit-premises indemnity coverage for goods that are exhibited at public shows, as well as for goods that are in transit

• Prize indemnification insurance that incorporates special events like ‘hole-in-one golf fundraisers and perfect-score bowling competitions

These facts are meant to summarize the role a policy plays in protecting its insureds (like the Super Bowl event planners). It in no way is meant to direct organizers to buying a specific plan. See an experienced, independent agent with the know-how that is involved in special events indemnity for more info.

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