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There are a lot of worthless free stuff online. In fact, all you have to do to piss some people off online is to tell them something is free. For them, free has become synonymous with worthless. Free insurance quotes online are a great exception to that rule and here’s why…

You have an unrivaled opportunity to make savings that would otherwise be impossible. Tell me how else you can get and compare 5 insurance quotes from different companies within 3 minutes. This means that even if you belong to my school of thought that advise you to get quotes from at least 5 insurance quotes and comparison sites, it will take you only about 15 minutes.

Try this the other way: Using the Yellow Pages and calling agents for quotes and you’ll understand what you’re enjoying.

It’s also convenient. You can do everything right from your bedroom. However, a red flag pops up in your mind: No one does anything for free. If they give it to you for free they certainly expect to get something back at least.

Yes, you’re right. They (insurance companies) want you to insure with them. It usually costs them a lot to get prospects. So by giving you their quotes in a convenient way, they position themselves easily for your business. For them, they save in the cost of acquisition. For you, you save by having the privilege of getting the best quotes without hassles.

If you don’t use these insurance quotes and comparison sites, I can almost say for sure that you’re paying a lot more than you should on insurance. For a particular auto insurance profile, we saw a difference of $2200 by just getting quotes from different companies. $2200 is not the kind of savings you’d like to miss for a 3-15 minute job. Is it?

Get your quotes now (Although you may not get anything close to $2200, you’re sure to save a few hundreds at least).

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