Insurance Policies of All Variables and Budgets

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What is insurance? It is a contract between you and an Insurance company that will provide you with monetary compensation if you suffer a loss of some type. You receive this compensation because you make timely prepayments to the insurance company. These prepayments are called insurance premiums. They are Pre payments because you pay them before a loss occurs so you can get compensation when and if something happens.

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin launched the Philadelphia Contributions for the Insurance to protect homes from loss by fire. He also invented the lightening rod as away to reduce the risk of paying out a lot of claims. Today we have many different types of insurance offered through thousands of insurance companies. Such as:

1. Life Insurance, this protects your family from loss of income if something unforeseen should happen to you, it may not only help with the bills but also help your family with the funeral expenses ..

2. Car Insurance, This is a mandatory insurance in many parts of the US It is to help pay for car repairs, injuries, and work loss if you are ever in an accident.

3. Home Owners Insurance, this is mandatory by most mortgage companies, you must maintain insurance on your home, this helps protect you from loss by theft, fire and other disadvantages, and it helps protect the Mortgage companies asset, your home.

4. Health Insurance, This is in case you or your family become ill or suffer an unexpected accident and suffer the pans of heavy medical expenses. Costs for medical care are very high and you could loose your entire life savings if you have large medical bills to pay, and no insurance to help.

5. Renter's Insurance, if you are renting a home or apartment you want to protect your valuables, all the items in your home, which you have worked so hard to get, could be lost through theft or fire.

Basically, insurance is a safety net; it is there to protect you in case something bad happens. By making prepayments you buy yourself a certain amount of insurance coverage, that is there to be used if and when you need it. It is similar to wearing a helmet for protection when riding your motorcycle, or wearing a seat belt while driving in your car. A little added protection is always the smart way to go.

Think of all you have to lose if you were to become disabled and had no way to support your family or yourself until you were able to get back on your feet. That insurance check you would receive would be a certain blessing, would not it? This is why insurance is so necessary. It helps take care of your financial responsibilities when you are unable to take care of them yourself. Consider it a helping hand during the bad times.

So would not it be wise to cover yourself and know you'll be able to handle the financial part of whatever unfortunate circumstances should arrive?

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