How to Survive a Storm’s Power Outage

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A power outage is the broad concern affecting many states.

Local homeowners don’t really have to go too far back to recall what it was like to be in the dark. Remember Hurricane Sandy? The North Eastern that followed? Remember the recent January blizzard with piles of snow and intermittent outages? As many times as residents in the northeast and yonder experience the inconvenience and downright hardships of a blackout, we’ll never become accustomed to it. It’s time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and ready ourselves to what certainly seems like an inevitable result of winter storms in any neck of the woods.

Exposure to a Blackout

Preparing in Advance:

Create a kit that will provide necessary coverage when you have a loss of electricity. This should include basic supplies that you can grab at a moment’s notice of emergency evacuation imposed by the elected official or use as an alternative to standard conveniences that cannot be accessed.

Contact Plan:

No one is prepared for the risks and liability that a natural disaster poses. It should therefore be standard policy to have contact information for all family members in the event you are not together when an electrical power disaster strikes. For children, this means having the info packed away in personal bags or school briefcases. Adults should have the retrievable data available in their cell phones, laptops or tablets as well as within their wallets or pocketbooks.

Get in the Habit of Conserving Energy

Besides saving you money on your electric bill, routinely turning off lights and electric devices and placing your thermostat on a lower winter setting may assist the utility companies within any given vicinity in avoiding all forms of a blackout.

Re-use empty plastic containers as water receptacles

In the event your water supply comes from a well as opposed to the city pipes, you may find yourself without a water flow when a power outage wreaks havoc on your electric well pump. For this reason, it is a good policy to fill bottles of water and store them within your freezer. You can pour this water into your toilet tank to activate flushing when a non-functioning pump incapacitates the normal functioning.

Make sure your auto gas tank is adequately filled

Your local gas station may be impacted by the electrical outage. Should this happen, it will be unable to fill your car or truck tank. Be prepared with a minimum of half a tankful of gasoline.

In all probability, the city or town you live in is a wonderful place full of parks, recreation, homes, condos and business. It may also be the eye of the storm when it comes to electrical outages. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, effectively acting as your insurance policy of protection.

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