How to Save on Your Canadian Car Insurance Quote

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In the Canadian car insurance quote game as with other insurance company’s world wide, the way to find the best deal is to shop around. The easiest way to do this in the age we live in is to log on to the Internet. Going to places such as Kanetix will generate Canadian car insurance quotes from a list of competitors. Every year that your policy is up for renewal it is a good idea to be rechecking the competition to see if there is a better quote for your situation.

Check into putting all of your vehicles under the same Canadian car insurance company whenever possible to receive multi-car discounts. Insuring your car through the same insurance company that carries your homeowners’ policy is another way to save premium costs as well. Learn what can save money and then shop that knowledge around to the different Canadian car insurance companies. This is the best way to receive an accurate quote. There are many tricks to help cut back the costs of car insurance:

  • Save up to 15%, with multi-vehicle discounts
  • Save an additional 10%, with the same company as homeowners policy
  • Raise the deductible to lower your premium
  • Drop collision coverage on older vehicles
  • Drive safely

When you save the Canadian car insurance companies time and money by lessening the personnel needed to run multiple policies they pass that savings on to their customers. The simplicity of only one policy is great for keeping private records as well; instead of each car having its own policy all of them are located on one statement, making them easier to find if the need arises.

Saving on premium costs by raising the deductible is another great way to reduce the monthly payments for Canadian car insurance as well. Figure out how much you could afford out of pocket for car repairs then and put the deductible at that amount. Premiums may be cut even lower by reducing or dropping collision coverage if your vehicle is older and the premium is more than the worth of the car. Your driving record affects the cost of your insurance along with the style of car driven, so driving safely in a van will reduce car insurance premiums more than driving safe in a sports car.

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