History of the Minibus in Hong Kong

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For anyone without a car, the cheapest and easiest way to travel from one place to another is a minibus, which speeds up and down the streets all year round. Minibuses can carry a maximum number of passengers with its 16-seated capacity. Due to its small size, it is considered as the fastest and most efficient transportation solution. In Asia, hundreds, even thousands of people travel through minibuses around different cities, everyday. The process is very simple: listen to where the minibus is going, get in, pay the ticket, and get out once you have reached your chosen destination.

In Asia, especially in Hong Kong, there are two kinds of minibuses, known as Green minibuses and Red minibuses. Both Green and Red minibuses have a cream-colored body with different Green and Red color external roof. In past, Toyota Coasters were used as minibuses, but now, in order to reduce air pollution caused by these Toyota coasters, Iveco Daily Green minibuses have also been introduced.


In Hong Kong, minibus is commonly known as Public light bus. Public light buses were first introduced in 1969, with a view to regulate the illegal operations of minibuses at the time. In 1976, the total numbers of public light buses were 4,350 and at the end of 2009, this number has reduced to 4,349.

The first public light bus had black and white checkedered strips, and was commonly referred to as the zebra car. These zebra cars had the capacity of carrying not more than nine passengers. In 1988, the zebra design was changed to the red striped minibuses, which had the capacity of carrying 14 passengers, but later, this number was increased to 16.

In 1972, government of Hong Kong introduced Green minibuses as against Red minibuses. These Red minibuses have no specific route and can adjust fares according to the demands; while on the other hand, the transport department controls the routes and fares of Green minibuses. These Green minibuses have 350 fixed routes with fixed timabled services.

At the end of 2009, the total number of Red minibuses in Hong Kong was 1,372. These red buses, as compared to green buses, are not particularly visitor-friendly; therefore, people of Hong Kong usually prefer green buses to travel.

Above is a brief history of minibus of Asia, particularly of Hong Kong. Minibuses are typically the most easiest and effective way to travel from one destination to another. Minibuses, as compared to other ways of transportation, are affordable and easily accessible.

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