High Risk Auto Insurance Company Advice – What is the Best High Risk Auto Insurance Company?

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Q: I was convicted of DUI and then had an accident the next year. My insurance company won’t cover me any longer. Can you recommend a high risk auto insurance company?

A: There are many options when seeking a high risk auto insurance company. The first thing we would recommend is to inquire at your current insurance company as to whether they are refusing to insure you or if they plan on simply making some changes to your existing policy.

If the accident caused your insurance company to cancel your coverage outright, that would be unusual. In most cases the insurance company would notify you they were planning on canceling your current policy, but will offer you a new policy with higher premiums.

You can dispute an insurance companies wish to cancel your policy in most states. The regulations for doing so vary from state to state, but you can find out how to do this by calling your states division of insurance.

If you simply want to find a new company, then we would recommend obtaining some online auto insurance quotes from different providers to compare. Shopping for car insurance on the Internet is extremely convenient and is a great way to save a ton of money on auto insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to take the time to compare multiple quotes from several insurance providers. As a result, they typically end up overpaying for their auto insurance coverage. Don’t make this mistake when shopping for coverage, and you’ll end up saving a ton of money in the end.

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