Don’t Let Switching Car Insurance Companies Stress You Out

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Compared to getting an automobile insurance quote from an agent, you can often save 10% to 15% online. The second reason why it is better to check insurance quotes online is the ability to quickly compare numerous rates. Just apply at the website and if you have more questions, one of the helpful representatives will gladly assist you.

Things to keep in mind

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you start getting quotes. Have your personal and vehicle info handy like the year, model and make of your car as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN). If you have a current insurer you will also need that info.

You will also need your home address and with some insurers, you will also need your vehicle license plate number. Once you have all this vital info handy, it will only take a few minutes to quickly compare and get your car insurance quotes online.

You are not legally bound to a specific insurer forever

Switching car insurance companies stress out some people. In reality, your insurer can cancel your policy at any time for numerous reasons like a DUI offence for instance. Your approach for getting insurance should be the same, you are looking for the lowest price possible and you should not hesitate to switch insurers if you find a better deal. You work hard for your money and it is your right to switch insurance companies any time you need to.

Pre-paid premiums

One frequently used excuse for not switching is that people wrongly believe that they won’t get back their pre-paid premiums. This is not the case. If you prepaid for a full year’s coverage on your policy and you want to switch insurers after 6 months, you are entitled to a full refund. Check out a few of the online quoting sites and if you can save at least $100 or more annually, it might be worth switching to a new insurer.

A quick tip

Keep in mind that it is totally free to compare insurance quotes online and you are not obligated to buy any policy. To get a quote on the insurance coverage, you only need a few minutes to fill in your personal details. Only do business with insurers that have a B or better A.M. Best insurance rating.

This is critical because you don’t want your insurer to go bankrupt and not be able to pay out if you have a claim. Similar to any other industry, insurance companies can go out of business if they are badly managed. There are many horror stories of people not getting paid after putting in a serious claim because the insurer went out of business.

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