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Presumably, every vehicle owner would prefer to be paying less for his or her auto insurance. There are quite a number of things that car owners can do to lower their premiums. One good move is to look for an online auto agent that can assist you to find the best possible quote from a reliable and reputable company.

Online agents benefit from having much lower overheads as they do not have to pay out for expensive property rental on Main Street, or at the mall. Because they can also save money on all kinds of expenses such as advertising in the local newspaper, they can pass on some of the money they save as reduced auto insurance premiums for their clients. This is why it is always financially advantageous to find a good online agent rather than a local company.

There are many other useful ideas that can help you to chip away at the amount you pay for auto insurance. Keeping your car safely locked in is secure garage overnight, or fitting an approved vehicle alarm/security system. An online agent would be able to give you the details of approved devices that could help lower your premiums. It is also a good idea to ask how much you may save and make a comparison as to how much the device will cost before making a decision.

A change of circumstances can also lower your premiums, the for example you retire from working, or some other situation lowers the amount of miles that you drive each year. If the amount of miles you are driving every month is drastically reduced and you find that, you regularly drive less than 500 miles each month you would then qualify for a ‘Low Mileage Discount.’

Check out your vehicle in the auto dealers bible, the Kelly Blue Book, if you find that it has a low value you should consider not taking out insurance that covers your car against collision damage, or ‘comprehensive insurance’. As this has a massive effect on raising your premiums, you should opt instead, for a basic insurance cover as required under the law in your state.

Every state has its own minimum requirements for auto liability insurance. This kind of auto insurance is nearly always offered in what is known in the insurance trade as 10/20/10 (the actual numbers may vary from one state to another)

The 10/20/10 liability insurance will pay out a maximum $10,000 for medical claims made by any single individual who may be involved in a collision with your car. In addition the insurance company will pay out up to $20,000 for the medical expenses of every person in the other car no matter of how many there are or how high their medical claims may be.

The other $10,000 covers property damage claims per accident. Property damage in this case means making repairs to other vehicles, but not your car, as that is not covered for accident repair under this basic type of plan.

Although this type of insurance does have its risks, it is very useful, if you feel that you vehicle only has a low value. For example if your car is valued at just $3000 it is not very sensible to pay out an additional $300- $400 to have your car covered against accidental damage, as by the time you pay your deductable, you will not be covering very much of a $1000 claim.

The big drawback with this type of cover comes from the fact that the level of insurance coverage may well not be insufficient to cover the total medical or other expenses suffered by other drivers or passengers. In that case, these people may peruse you through the courts to make up the difference between the actual cost and what your insurance company paid them.

Whichever type of cover you choose you are sure to pay less if, you take on the services of an online agent to help you find the best auto insurance deal.

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