Car Insurance For Women – Fact Vs Myth

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It is a misconception that women drivers are not as reliable or as safe their male counterparts. If you have any doubt about that, just ask the insurance industry. They are in the business of reducing their risk and increasing their profits. And in the real world, this means acknowledging the reality that women are better drivers than men as measured by nearly every metric you can imagine.

Insurance companies have historically used demographic data (e.g., the gender and age of those drivers involved in accidents) as part of their formula in calculating insurance rates. Everything else being equal, those demographic groups that have a higher incidence of accidents while driving will cause rates to go up for everyone in that group. And the facts show that women are safer drivers than men.

A recent Carnegie-Mellon study concluded that men are two times more likely to be involved in a traffic fatality than women. Further evidence from the insurance industry revealed that while 68% of women have no traffic violations, men who have never received a traffic violation is only 64%. An additional finding from the study was about the amount of multiple violations for each gender. The study found that that men, as a group, are more likely to have received multiple citations than women — by a factor of 10%.

As an attempt to acknowledge these differences between men and women, several insurance providers cater specifically to insuring women drivers, guaranteeing that women pay a lower rate than men. These insurance companies have set up special individual companies to provide and underwrite car insurance for women only.

In short, the insurance industry has discovered that young men are actually the highest risk group among all drivers.

Finding out how you fare in comparison to other types of drivers is easy by getting a free online quote from any insurance provider. Bottom line: You’ll find that (all things equal) car insurance for women is usually cheaper than the same coverage for men.

Of course, the insurance industry looks at more than just gender when deciding your premium. That said, the general perception that women are worse drivers than men is something that is not supported by the facts.

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