Car Insurance and Wheel Trims

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Car insurance protects your vehicle in case of accident, loss or theft. It's there before essential that you take out quality insurance which will protect all parts of your car – including wheel trims – rather than cheap car insurance which may only cover the basics.

Wheel trims are a predominately aesthetic feature of a car to add class and style to your vehicle; however they do also help keep the wheel in good condition and protect it from damage. Trims are decorative disks that cover the central part of the wheel; cars that have stamped steel wheels will usually use a full wheel cover over the entire wheel, whereas cars with alloy wheels have smaller trims, also known as center caps.

If you have specialist or expensive wheels, you may find that your vehicle is more at risk from theft. If you leave your car unattended for a long time or parked in a poorly lit spot, thieves may well take the opportunity to steal your valuable wheel trims. Thieves may even be so audacious that they take your expensive wheel trims, and replace them with cheaper ones – so you may not even notice and be able to report the crime until some time later.

You can take some precautions to secure your wheel trims, but the best precaution is to secure your wheels and your entire car with good insurance. Your car insurance policy may give you financial compensation if you're a victim of theft, however you should check with your insurance provider to ensure the details of what is covered in your policy document.

Car insurance could also be a valuable investment if your wheel trims are damaged in an accident. Whilst insurance will not usually pay for general wear and tear on your wheels, it may cover the cost of replacing or fixing your wheel trims after an accident.

You can take good care of your trims by cleaning them and inspecting them for damage on a regular basis. If something goes amiss you will there before spot the damage before it becomes a serious issue. You can also secure your wheel trims with some small plastic ties to ensure they do not come off the car while driving at high speeds.

If you're not sure whether your car insurance protects your vehicles trims, then speak to your car insurance provider to double check. Wheel trims might be an aesthetic part of your car, however they are still an essential part which should be insured with your car insurance.

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