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One of the last things that you may think about when purchasing a boat is the fact that you'll need to obtain boat insurance. Quite like car insurance, there are several things to consider before deciding on which company to go with. You can also receive discounts if your boat contains the necessary safety equipment. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you've not purchased your boat.

Make sure that your boat has all the necessary safety features installed such as a fire extinguisher, emergency equipment, and various other security features. Having all of this equipment installed will help to lower your monthly premium. Be sure to let the insurance agent know about all of the features you have on your boat. You may have to mention this yourself, as many agents will not, especially since most are trained to make sure everyone pays top-dollar for their boat insurance.

Another thing that will influence how much your monthly premium will be is the age of your boat. If your boat is fairly new, you may end up having to pay a bit more per month. The difference in price in accordance to how new your boat is should not be too drastic. One of the reasons why insurance is lower for boats that are not so new is because as time progresses, boats tend to depreciate in value.

A major thing to consider before assuming how much you will pay for your insurance is whether or not you've had any previous accidents. Having accidents on your record will cause your premium to be much higher, depending on the nature of the accident and how many have occurred. If the accident was your fault, the price you pay will of course also be a bit higher than if you were not at fault.

The best way to find the right type of boat insurance is to simply call around or search online. You may even want to do both to make sure you end up with the best price. Keep in mind that not everyone pays the same amount for insurance so what one of your relatives pays for his brand new ship may not be the same as what you will pay for a similar ship. You may end up having to pay hundreds more per month than someone you know because of an accident or lack of safety features.

Make sure that you receive quotes from more than one place when searching. You will receive different prices from each company because they all have different policies, so it is best if you contact as many places as possible. Have a pen and paper handy so that you can write down the quotes you receive from each company you contact. Doing this will also make it much easier to compare prices.

Once you are assured, you may want to consider obtaining the necessary safety features installed if you do not have them. You can always call back once you've got the features installed and qualify for a much more discounted rate. You may also qualify for a tax exemption if you take all the necessary steps.

There are a lot more boats out on the water than you may think, especially in the spring and summer months. A huge disadvantage to operating a boat is that there are no red lights or stop signs. There are boat patrolmen, however, that help to control the amount of traffic on the water, the speed at which people are going, and they're also there to help people when they've been in boating accidents. Many of them will also check to see if there are any drugs and alcohol on the boat. If any drugs and alcohol are detected, most of the time the boat and everyone on board will be asked to leave immediately and they will also be fined. If by chance there is no boat insurance, quite a huge fine will also be given.

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