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If you are looking to purchase auto insurance and need to know more about it first, this article deals the terms frequently used in the insurance process and the way in which it works.

Auto insurance or vehicle insurance or car insurance are terms that are used to indicate insurance purchased to protect against car theft, car loss, accidental damage and repair and maintenance in case of injury. The insurance is also meant to cover the liabilities arising our of road accident incidents and could include the driver and third party liabilities as well.

Auto insurance is a mandatory purchase before a vehicle is driven on the roads. The public jurisdictions in various countries define the rules for road traffic and determine the extent and value of insurance covered by them.  The governing bodies in various states and jurisdictions lay down the need to apply for auto insurance as soon as a person buys any vehicle and takes it on the road. This means that the insurance needs to be bought even before the car leaves the car dealer showroom. Most dealerships see to this along with the taxes and other documentations that are required for the vehicle.

The auto insurance works on the principle that the car owner will pay a certain stipulated sum towards car repairs every time they claim the amounts under insurance. This is primarily done to bring in a genuine integrity to the system. The insurance products are based on two simple variables, the cost of the insured vehicle and the performance of the vehicle. Other factors like age and gender of the driver, the road conditions and even local state laws in which the vehicle will normally move influence the premium rates.

The purchase price of the vehicle leads to easy classification of vehicles as luxury or basic vehicles. The primary premium will be higher for a high end premium segment car because the replacement and repair costs of such vehicles are more expensive.The performance of the vehicle often influences the driving behavior. A car with higher horse power and racing performance is best enjoyed at high speed, which could translate to risky driving and hence more accident probabilities. Insurance companies evaluate all of this while shaping and defining their product.

Auto insurance is available in various formats like comprehensive insurance, which covers all kinds of damages and liabilities to the driver and third parties present, or third party insurance which protects the loss of life of third parties due to negligence of the driver or any other reasons. There are full loss and partial loss variants available in the insurance segment as well.

Most auto insurance terms expire after a year and it is important to renew insurance policies every year to stay concurrent and compliant with the public jurisdiction and also to safeguard your own interests.

Conclusion: Auto insurance is a necessity for all car owners and the product variants in this segment can offer insurance for all needs. To find out which one suits your needs best, you should read up on the various policies available and then decide which is best after comparing premiums and benefits.

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