Are Part-Time Car Service Drivers Covered by Company Auto Insurance?

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If you are planning the band wagon of car service drivers that work part-time through a company app, congratulations! You will be taking advantage of making money during your spare time by using your personal car!

Of late, the concept for both drivers and passengers has become exceedingly popular. As long as you have the qualifications and a usable car available, this is extra income that you make when you want to. For those that opt ​​for this form of passenger service, the convenience, reliability and low prices are the unique characteristics that make it a winning pick.

For the driver, though, there is more than what meets the eye. Although everything for ease of operation seems to be set in place – ready car, ready auto insurance, spare time and opportunity to earn supplement income – there are hidden hits. If you have personal auto insurance while driving for a living, you may not get the benefits of coverage for one logical reason: you may need commercial auto insurance.

In most cases, a personal car insurance policy makes exceptions for coverage. These specified exclusives can include if you are driving-for-hire. To verify whether or not your personal plan includes part-time car service work, call your insurance agent or broker. A reliable agency – one that has the recognition of the leading companies and provides other forms of indemnity, like homeowners, business, umbrella, life insurance and bonds, will be qualified to advise you on the matter.

For the record, the widely used car service businesses do provide commercial auto insurance for their drivers, in general, it is restricted to liability. This means, if your personal car incurs damages from an accident while you were driving on the job, it will not be covered under the policy.

A good agency will offer you a tailor plan for your commercial usage on top of your personal auto insurance. Moreover, they may also be able to present you present with a policy that has been exclusively created for the car service industry – simplifying matters entirely.

While we're on the topic of for-hire driving, keep this in mind: varying states have different statutes regarding this line of work. It's wise to establish if you need a commercial driver's license before you begin your career as an app-alerted car service driver. If you were to drive paying passengers without such a license in a state that requires you to have one, you could be setting yourself up for stiff fines!
Speak to a dependent insurance agent for further info about the indemnity ramifications of driving for hire.

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