Why Does My Computer Crash? Learn How To Fix Computer Crashes

Computer crash is one of the most frustrating problems. I had read this question many times on the internet- "Why does my computer crash?" The users complained that their operating system or active application stopped responding in middle, showed an error and terminated accidentally. Any unsaved data was lost.

Why does my computer crash?

1. Device Drivers Issues
2. Runtime Errors due to Corrupted Registry Entries
3. Computer Virus Infection
4. Memory Problem
5. Hard Disk Errors
6. Corrupted System Files

Device Drivers Issues

Your computer may crash due to faulty, unsupported or malfunctioning device drivers. It may also crash if the installed drivers are out of date. It is recommended to check and install the latest updates of your device drivers. And make sure that the existing drivers are properly functioning.

Runtime Errors due to Corrupted Registry Entries

Windows Registry is a vital element in Microsoft Windows operating system. Bad and corrupted registry result in computer crash due tomany runtime errors. Download a Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software. Install it on your computer and then run it.

Computer Virus Infection

The sole objective of many computer viruses is to crash your operating system and destroy your important data. A virus has the ability to modify the system files, make harmful changes and thereby crash the entire operating system or any infected program. So scan you computer for viruses and remove them as soon as possible.

Memory Problem

By the term Memory, I mean Random Access Memory (RAM). A faulty RAM shows up the Blue Screen of Death and crashes the operating system. If you had installed multiple RAMs, then check them one by one individually. This may help finding out the defective RAM and replacing it as per the needs.

Hard Disk Errors

A corrupt hard disk may crash the computer due to problems retrieving the information from the stored files. Accessing any part of such corrupted hard disk leads to runtime errors and thereby computer crash problem occurs.

Check the hard disk and repair bad sectors as instructed below:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.
2. Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator option.
3. Type the following commands one by one:
For example, replace with a drive on your computer. For example, chkdsk c: or chkdsk d:
4. Press ENTER.
5. Wait till the process finishes.
6. If you are prompted to schedule the task, type Y and press ENTER.

Corrupted System Files

System files corruption may crash your operating system. You have to scan all the system files for modifications and replace corrupted system files with their original versions. Make sure you have inserted the Microsoft Windows installation disc first.

1. Click Start | Run.
2. Type SFC / ScanNow and press ENTER.

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