Whats Wrong With My Computer? – Fixing a Slow Running Computer

Being a computer guy, people are asking me all the time, What's Wrong With My Computer? It's a very broad question, but luckily it usually comes down to a computer simply running very poorly, or very slowly. If you've ever muttered the phrase what's wrong with my computer, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. So, on the problems and solutions.

There is a logical explanation for a slow running computer. When you first buy your computer, it comes fresh from the factory in every way. The only software on it is from the factory. There is no third party software installed, and there are no added peripherals (extra hardware) to require it to use more of its resources to operate.

But you see as we continue to add more and more software and more and more hardware to our computers, over time, it is only natural that it is not efficient as it once was.

What's Wrong With My Computer? – The Culprit
Files get spread out, lost, fragmented, and become corrupted. Junk files and empty registry keys accumulate. Temporary files get in the way of normal files that are needed for every day use. Invalid file extensions show their ugly faces. Uninstall entries get lost or moved. Unnecessary startup files surface from installations. Stuff just gets all cluttered. So whats wrong with my computer? It is simply getting bogged down from everything that has been going on. Much like a car without an oil change.

Here's how to fix it
So what do you do when something gets bogged down? Well you clean it up of course. Since all of that above probably sounds like gibberish to you, so I am going to explain exactly how you are going to clean it all up. First, you can run your system defragmentation process by going to your system tools, or just typing "defragment" into your search box. That will align all of your files in the most efficient places to access them.

Secondly and most important of all, you can clean up all of your registry errors, junk files, startup files, invalid file extensions, etc. with specialized cleaning software made for exactly this reason. Unfortunately this software does not come with any computer, so you it is up to you to find it. I'll show you were in just a minute. But before I do that, consider this.

If you continue to let your computer get bogged down, run slower and slower, and let all of these junk files infect its inner workings, it is always either going to go into a crash cycle that will cost hundreds of dollars to fix, or it is just going to stop working altogether, costing you thousands to buy a new computer, depending on your flavor. Just like a car, a computer needs maintenance too, just without all the grease!

By making sure you keep your computer properly, even the computer that is used all hours of the day can be extended and maintained until it becomes obsolese. If not, you will be buying a new computer every few years.

Source by Cody Wheeler

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