What To Do When Computer Crash?

Do you know what to do when computer crash? Majority of computer users have no idea what to do, yet almost every computer experiences crashes at some point. It is important to know what to do when your computer crashes. As a precautionary measure, always remember to save your work regularly to avoid losing them. Your computer can crash and lock up at the most unexpected moment, even though you may only have one program application running at the time.

So What Do I Do When My Computer Crashes?

My own computer crashed often before I fixed my computer registry. This is the most common cause of computer crashes for used computers. Your registry files are supposed to give your computer instructions on how to run. These files can get very messy and corrupt if they are not cleaned after a long time.

Use A Registry Cleaner

What you should do is download a registry cleaner and scan your computer registry. It will then report back on the number of errors and bad entries inside. Once you approve the software to fix the errors, the registry cleaner will make a backup of your current registry before fixing it. After you have cleaned up your registry, your computer should start to run quickly again.

If your computer does not boot successfully after a crash, you will need to reboot it up in safe mode before you are able to run the registry cleaning software.

To keep your computer in good working condition, you may also want to schedule your registry cleaner to do a weekly scan of your system.

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