Uses of Computers in Hospitals

The age of Information Technology came about with the invention of computers, and today, it is inconceivable for us to function without one. Whether it is an individual, business or service providers, computers are must for smooth flow of business and operations. In fact, even the medical community, including hospitals, has adopted the use of computers in their day to day activities.

Here are some of the uses of computers in hospitals:

One of the main uses of computers in hospitals is for storing data. This data is relating to patients' case histories, sicknesses, prescriptions, the kind of medication taken by patients and kept in the hospitals and also the billing details for each and every patient. This usually comes up to a huge amount of data that needs to be preserved, so that it can be retrieved any time.

The second use is for medical imaging. If you have ever been scanned, you will realize what medical imaging is all about. When special gadgets are used to get an image of the bones and organs inside the body, it is known as medical imaging. The most common examples of this are ultrasound, CT scan and MRI.

In addition, computers are also used for several types of medical examinations and procedures. For instance, heart rate monitor is used in hospitals where patients with heart ailments come. Blood glucose monitor is another computer based system where diabetics are monitored.

Today, it is impossible for a hospital to function with technology and computer. However, having specialized computer for various medical procedures is expensive and painstaking process. Nonetheless, hospitals have realized the immense value and are constantly trying to upgrade their technology, so that they can offer the best care and diagnostic tools to patients.

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