Tips on How to Repair Your Own Window Blinds

If you have defective blinds, do you immediately call your neighborhood handy man to fix the problem? Or, do you consider this a do-it-yourself opportunity for yourself?

As always, window blinds come with installation instructions upon purchase. Along with the manual are trouble shooting tips in case you install your blinds incorrectly, or, you need to replace some parts of the whole set. Now, if there's a need to replace some parts, ensure to purchase only from the original manufacturer. You do not want to end up paying for more if you get a different brand and you need to replace again because the missing parts you bought do not fit at all.

If you see that blinds are raised or lowered unevenly, most probably, the cords have been twisted. Pull the tassel gently as well as the cords simultaniously. If it still does not work properly, better call a professional.

In cases when the strings connecting the slats are broken, you can initially attempt to retie them again. However, with prolonged use, it is inevitable for the strings to break. An option is to have them re-strung in order to correct the problem. But, in actuality, having them re-strung is a bit pricey. You should opt to buy a new unit instead of having them fixed.

Another general problem with blinds is a damaged clip. This is, by far, the easiest blinds problem to fix since all you have to do is replace the entire blind clip with a new one. One thing you'll just need to take note of is when replacing this with the new one, the new clip is directed in the same direction as the others.

Problems with operating your blinds can really be irksome. However, if you see these problems as opportunities for you to be your own handyman, then you get to save money for own home repair needs. Only seek professional help when you have exhausted all efforts at repairing your blinds.

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