The Outlook Hyperlink and Paint in Windows 10

To insert a hyperlink in your outlook email, Microsoft already provides you with the needed tool. In fact, many of the best tools used by successful affiliate marketers are free tools provided by Google and Microsoft. But for the purpose of this article we will only be covering these two.

Hyperlink In Outlook – Open your outlook email and in the top corner from left to right you will see; File, Home, Send/Receive, Folder, and View. When you click on “New Email” this menu changes to File, Insert, Options, Format Text and Review. There are some interesting tools inside all these sub menus. Write your email you wish to send and then highlight the Phrase where you want the hyperlink added. Then click on “Insert” and another menu opens, inside the “Links” sub menu you will find an option for Hyperlink. Click on that and simply enter the link you wish to add to that Text Phrase you have highlighted in the “Address” tab. The address tab should be in the widow that opened when you clicked on “Hyperlink”, check at the bottom of this window as it may also show some files on your PC.

Where Is Paint In Windows 10? – Not to worry, Paint is still available even in Windows 10. At the bottom of your screen to the left corner you must click on the Windows icon. The menu opens up and in the bottom left you will see “All Apps”, click on that. You will see a drop down menu and you must scroll down to “W” of the alphabet. In “W” you should find Weather followed by Windows Accessories. Click on Windows Accessories and scroll down the drop down menu to “Paint”. Right Click on Paint and select the option to pin it on your taskbar. Now simply double-click on the pin and your Paint program will open, offering you all the previous tools and more.

Conclusion – The simplicity demonstrated in this article is a result of gathering knowledge, which is responsible for Interesting Content. Knowledge is power, and also the only means you may generate any sales online as an affiliate marketer because it’s all about Content. Once you master content creation, you will never have to sales pitch another visitor, ever.

Spend time searching for the relevant tools you wish to add to your Success Toolbox, and gather the appropriate knowledge to leverage these tools to your advantage.

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Source by Deon Christie

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