Spy in the Computer

You have a spy in the computer! This is absolutely unpleasing but it is actually a high possibility. This spy stays in your computer and tracks your activities, and it is a common symptom nowdays.

The consequence of ignoring a malicious spyware is actually pretty dangerous. When infected, you may receive a large amount of junk in your mailbox, some of them may reside in your program files, take up a huge amount of space, and then slowing down your computer. Worse still, it may steal the private information you have on your computer and allow a third party to access this information, like your favorite sites, your chat logs, and maybe your passwords to various accounts.

Often, the spy in the computer will bombard you with pop-ups when you are surfing the internet, which, once clicked on, it brings you to a site infected with spyware and your computer will be in turn, be infected with more spyware. The first and most important rule of keeping these spies out is to not click on any pop-up ads at all. Other than pop-up ads, the second most potential of allowing access to malicious spyware is the downloading of files from the internet, especially free software. Even if a website is registered, they are still likely to have spyware in whatever free software that you download. This applies mostly to pornographic websites, free music websites, and also free video and music websites.

There is only one way to avoid the problem, and that is to equip your computer with a good anti-spyware program. Make sure your source is reliable, whether you buy or download free anti-spyware programs. You should do research if you want to purchase the software. Look at what is recommended or go to spyware related forums and read up before you decide on the product.

Once you get the program and install it, it will detect any spy in the computer and you will be alert to these threats. You can also set it to delete any spyware automatically. Whatever you do, once you have the anti-spyware installed in your computer, you will be safe from all this malicious software.

Source by Jave Steb

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