Repair or Replace? How Disposable Should Your Computer Be?

As a whole, our society has recently started to become a disposable nation. Now more than ever, once something has filled its purpose, becomes broken, or maybe even once it becomes unwanted, we tend to get rid of it. In the past this might have been the case for plastic ware or a torn shirt, but recently this has been the case with our products that were not exactly intended to be thrown away. So the question becomes, what makes something disposable? What about something expensive? What about a computer? Are computers meant to be disposable?

I recently stumbled across a question from a user that was posted online. She had asked if she should replace her computer which was 5 years old or have it repaired. The estimate to have it fixed was $ 100 but it also needed a new monitor, so the total cost would have been about $ 230 to have it running like new. The most amazing part was when she asked the online community she belonged to either or not to throw out the computer, of the 43 people who had responded, only one person told her to keep the computer and have it repaired.

Truth be told, computers are one of the most repair pronone products you can buy. About one in three computers will break within four years. The majority of these breakdowns are due to either malicious software or hard drive failure. There are simple ways to avoid these troubles such as installing an antivirus on your computer and turning off your computer whenever you plan to move it, even if it is a short distance. But what if your computer breaks anyway? Or maybe it has a different problem all together.

The trouble is that once your computer is broken, you must have it fixed, of course, and sometimes the cost to repair the machine is more than what the computer is worth. So then you question yourself, why am I paying to fix this broken computer when I could have a brand new computer, maybe even a better computer for the same or less cost. And there you have it; your computer just became as disposable as a plastic cup with a crack in it.

To be honest, the fact that it would be easier to have a computer replaced rather than fixed is logical. First of all, technology is constantly advancing at a fiercer rate. Manufacturers do not spend the time and resources needed to produce out dated parts for computers that are old. Also, keep in mind that the cost to produce brand new products is decreasing, so while you are going to pay a premium for the computer repair person to take a look at your computer and / or repair it, a computer manufacturer who outsources its operation can make you a whole new computer for less.

In the end, whether you have your computer repaired or replaced is going to be up to what you need out of your machine. If you are looking at a big bill to get everything in top shape and you could benefit from the newer technology that's out then all the way, replace your computer. But if you're looking at a decent charge to have your computer running just like your need it, then save yourself some money and just have it repaired. And do not forget, if you have valuable data on your old computer that you can not transfer by yourself to the new one if you decide to replace it, it's going to cost extra money to have a professional transfer it. Money that you had not planned to spend when you first decided to buy a new machine. Because, at the end of the day, whether your computer is disposable or not is up to you and your needs.

Source by Jesse Pierce

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