My Experience For Making Your Computer Run Faster by Cleaning the Registry!

About 6 months ago, a friend of mine, Tim, came around to my place to do some video editing on my computer. We both had the same computer system as we bought them 17 months ago together in a group discount. The computers in question are IBM ThinkCentre S50 desktop. Not the greatest computer out there, though far from the slow specs floating around in the computer world.

He sat down at my chair and turned my computer on, I semi-seriously told him to go and get a drink while we waited for the computer to turn on, he laughed, but soon realized I was serious. After logging in, and waiting for the start menu and desktop icons to appear, several minutes had passed. Tim was shocked, the same model of computer that he had was loading all of this and more in less than half the time.

Being quite a tech-savvy computer guy, he began completing simple tasks on my computer in the hope to clean it up. This included things like defragging the hard drive, removing internet files, cleaning out my recycle bin, deleting temporary windows files and uninstalling old games. While this helped, it really did not change anything by a noticeable margin. He re-called using some software a few weeks ago on a client's computer and thought we would give it a try on my aging IBM. He told me that he needed to clean the Registry of the Windows computer.

This includes removing any 'junk' that is no longer needed by Windows and basically any values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are no longer needed. I told him I did not put anything in the registry (not that I really knew what that meant) and that I did not think that it would be of much benefit to clean it up. He insured it would help so we ran a scan of the product and it came up with 842 errors! I was shocked. Looking at the report, I could see data that was in excess of 12 months old from obsolete applications and games that I use to have.

Tim explained to me that all the un-used information in the registry is slowing my computer down as Windows needs to filter through the registry to perform every single task on my computer. After running the cleanup, my start menu appearing and desktop icons being usable was cut by more than half and we could continue using the computer for Tim's video editing. The results were fantastic and as Tim had told me, had added at least an extra year of life onto my computer.

Source by David Tronge

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