Mares Icon HD Dive Computer Review

Often called the iPhone of the Dive computer world the Mares Icon HD is a very impressive Dive Computer with a full color LED display and a very diver friendly interface and is a rechargeable by usb or mains adapter.

The Mares Icon HD has a fantastic LED clear color display same like you would get on a computer screen or even a television it really is clear, crisp, and fully self illuminated. It is operated by 4 push buttons which are large enough to be able to easily use while wearing dive gloves. Each button is clearly marked and each operates through the modes which are settings, compass, user info, logbook, maps, photos etc.

The Mares Icon HD is fully computer compatible, and you enter the user info via a PC, with the software that is provided with your purchase. You can download dive site maps, you can even store your favorite marine life photos onto the Icon HD and use it during your dive for fish identification.

The computer is a normal air computer, but also doubles as a Nitrox computer offering 3 different air mixes per dive, you can also easily set it using the very clear and bright led display that is a piece of cake to operate and scroll through.

The display is very clear and is in stunning FULL COLOR, which is really impressive. You can easily switch through the modes during dives using the easy controls and switch between compass mode and graphical representation of your dive profile.

To take a real time look at the Mares Icon HD there is a great video you can take a look at by clicking the link at the end of this article.

This computer works using the Wienke rgbm algorithm which has very acceptable no stop times and deco requirements and is not too conservative unlike some lesser computers on the market.

Overall this is really a stunning computer easy to operate and one of the clearest bright displays on any Dive computer. To get a $300 discount off the regular retail price or to find out detailed specs Click Here

Source by Gaz Cooper

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