Installing Windows XP Vs Windows Vista

One of the most common questions we get from home users is – What about Windows Vista – should I buy it?

The answer, is actually simpler than you think.

We ask two questions: 1) Can your PC handle it and 2) how old is your day to day software.

Can your PC handle it? Let's assume your PC is no more than a year and a half old. Your hardware should be certified to work with Vista (older systems may not be). One thing to check – even though Vista will run on 512MB of RAM, we like at least 2GB in a Windows Vista PC. Anything less seems too slow.

How old is your day to day software? Vista works great with software that was written to run on it. Older software, written before Vista came out, may or may not run well. We will not chance it with older software, even software only a few years old. For example, if you run a home business off of QuickBooks 2003, we would not recommend you go with Vista. However, if you want to move to Vista, and you're in a position to upgrade to QuickBooks 2008, we say go for it.

We've simplified this quite a bit, but, take it for what's it worth – to run Windows Vista you need a speedy PC and software that's compatible with Vista. You can assume that a PC built inside the past year and a half, and software written in the past year and a half will probably run fine. If you have question about compatibility, check the manufacturer's website – you'll usually find a definitive answer there. What do we run at our office? Mainly XP. While we've had no specific negative experiences with Vista, XP does everything we need it to do, and does it well. It's been out for years and is tried and true. While Vista adds a modern look and some neat gadgets, for most business use, it's not a necessary upgrade.

Source by Kurt Simione

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