How to Troubleshoot Device Driver Error Codes 37 and 38

In this tutorial we will examine the cause and solution for device driver errors 37 and 38. In order to fix either one of these errors you will need to know how to access the device manager. Thereafter, you will need to access the properties box of the device you're troubleshooting for.

The following paragraph outlines the process of accessing the device manager:

First open you Windows Start menu and then select Run. (Vista users may enter the word "run" in the index search field at the bottom of the Start menu). Once the command box appears, type "sysdm.cpl" into the command bar. Click OK. Now open the System Propertiesmodule and click on the Hardwaretab. Finally, select Device Managerand select the device type of the device you're troubleshooting for. To access the properties box of the device simply select the name of the desired device.

Troubleshooting for Error 37

The error message for this error appears as: "Windows can not initialize the device driver for this hardware."

This problem occurs when a driver returns a failed task after executing a Driver Entry routine. To fix this problem you will need to re-install the device drivers. Of course the first step to reinstalling a driver is to uninstall it.

Access the Device Manager using the instructions above to uninstall the driver., Then re-install it the same way you completed the initial installation, you may have to provide a file path for the installation to work properly. In some cases you may already have the driver software needed, however in other instances the New Hardware Wizard may prompt you for the driver CD. You will also be given the option to download the driver from the internet.

If The New Hardware Wizard is unable to locate the necessary driver online, you may be able to find it at the manufacturer's website. If you're having trouble uninstalling the device driver, then the following instructions may be useful:

1. In the Device manager open the device's Properties box, then select the Driver tab. Click on uninstall and perform the steps as instructed.

2. Reboot your PC.

3. Once the computer has rebooted, open the Device Manager and select Action.

4. Select "Scan for hardware changes"

Troubleshooting for Error 38

The error message for this error appears as: "Windows can not load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory."

This error occurs when a previously loaded driver is preventing the new driver from loading. To fix this error follow these instructions.

1. Reboot Your PC

2. Open the Device Manager and in the device Properties box, select the General tab.

3. Select Troubleshoot. A help wizard will appear and ask a few simple questions. The solution to the error will be given based on your answers.

4.Once you have followed the instructions thoroughly, reboot your PC

If the above instructions did not assist you in resolving the issues, you may want to visit a device drivers website . There you will find many tools available that will scan your computer and offer in-depth device driver solutions, with very little effort on your behalf.

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