How to Remove Google Chrome From My Computer

Google Chrome is one of those browsers that gained rapid popularity around the world in no time but later on it generated a lot of competition ending up at a state where the development is pretty slow. You must have tried it for the same reason and the output is certainly impressive as it has made the web experience a lot safe and easy. You might need to uninstall it for one reason or another after you are done with the testing. Chrome is available for multiple platforms and there are distinct ways of getting this uninstalled on every OS.

Un-install process for Windows Users:

Windows is pretty simple with program management and you can easily uninstall the browser using the standard process. Follow the instructions below and get it removed from your system:

  • Go to the Start Menu, and then All Programs. Move to the Google Chrome folder in the list of all programs and you will find a link to the Uninstall Google Chrome application.
  • Execute the application and check the “Also delete browser data” box in case you want to remove all the data that was associated with the browser. This is suggested if you want to remove Chrome completely from your browser.
  • You will be asked to select your default browser if Chrome was the default one previously. Select the default browser and click OK to make the system wide changes effective.

The Add/Remove program feature within the Control Panel is another alternative way to remove Chrome from your Windows.

Un-install process for Mac Users:

Uninstalling Chrome on a system that runs Mac OS X is easier. This is just a two step process that you need to follow and it will be completely removed from your system:

  • Locate the folder where Google Chrome exists. Drag the complete folder to the Trash icon that is affixed at the Dock of your Mac OS X User Interface.
  • You can then remove its icon by just dragging it and dropping it off the dock using your mouse.

Uninstall process for Linux Users:

Linux is the most secure of the operating systems and this does account for the complicated uninstalling process for applications. You can still follow the instructions below to uninstall Google Chrome from your system running Linux OS:

  • Go to the Applications menu and then to the Debian menu. Locate Applications and then go to the System directory in Applications. Locate and go to the Synaptic Package Manager within the Package Management.
  • Locate Google Chrome from the list of packages. And check the Chrome package box.
  • You will have two options then; either to remove Google Chrome completely or to remove it while keeping your personal settings.
  • Check Mark for Complete Removal if you wish to uninstall it completely or use the Mark for Removal check box to keep your personal settings.
  • Click on Apply and select Google Chrome from the “To be completely removed” menu.
  • Click on Apply again and you are done with the process.

Source by Jonathan Bertrand

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