How to Purchase a Computer – Correctly!

I have many people, friends and family, who ask me how to purchase a computer. When you think about it, there are many things to consider:

Quality – You want to make a purchase that will not "break" in the first month you own it. Bottom line is that it needs to work. If you are buying a computer for your kids to homework, or something so you can keep track of your finances, it is important that you can depend you the system you purchase.
Price – It is EASY to find a "cheap" computer – but there are MANY "gotchas". This is where I will provide information on what is important. You need to ask questions such as:
Am I going to save my 40 hour CD collection on my computer?
Am I going to edit photos?
Am I going to do anything but email my kids?

This is just a few questions, but there are many, many more to ask. If you ask the right questions, you will make a smart purchasing decision. The fact is that there is not a brand or system or operating system that is right for everyone.

Another question I hear a lot is "where do I buy my computer?" Unfortunately, that is not an easy answer. You can buy from an online dealer such as Dell or Amazon. You also can use the big discount stores such as Wal-mart or Best Buy. No matter what you use, if you research enough, you find people who have awesome and terrible experiences.

Source by Ken Clay

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