Fix Error 193 On Windows

Windows "Error 193" is a problem that's caused by your computer being unable to correctly process a particular "service" that's related to the network & security settings of Windows. This error will typically show when you use a Windows 7 system, when you are trying to run a particular program, or group of programs.

This error will typically show in this format:

"Could Not Start VxBridge service on Local Computer"

The Cause of error 193 is basically down to the way in which your system will not be able to correctly process the various settings that are required to run a particular service, or setting. The bottom line is that there will be some sort of problem that will be preventing your computer from running correctly, and as a result it's vital that you're able to fix any of the problems that will be leading Windows to be in this way.

How To Fix Error 193

The way to resolve error 193 is to first re-install the software causing problems. Unfortunately, Windows is susceptible to a lot of potential problems in the form of corrupted files & conflicting programs. This problem is going to be caused by the likes of iTunes, and other software, preventing your PC from being able to run the files that are required to help it operate. To fix this, it's advisable that you use the steps outlined here:

  • Click "Start"
  • Select "Control Panel"
  • Locate "Add / Remove Programs"
  • Find the program causing errors
  • Click "Remove" next to the program's listing
  • Let the program uninstall
  • Restart your PC

This will remove the software, and will allow you to install the program again to avoid any of the conflicts or problems that could have dogged it before. This will typically solve the problems that most people's computers will have, and will result in your system running much smoother as a result.

If you find that re-installing the software at fault does not work, it's recommended that you then use a program called a "registry cleaner" to scan through your PC and get rid of any of the problems that your computer will have inside. These programs basically work by fixing a series of files & settings that Windows may have inside, which will ensure the smooth operation of your system as a result. The problem with many systems is that they will have some problems with their software & settings that will prevent your computer from being able to process the files & settings required to run their programs correctly. Running a registry cleaner – or even fixing the registry yourself (if you're advanced) – will fix this problem.

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