Double Hung Window – Installation Facts

Writing as a home owner and property manager, it has always been my opinion that double hung windows make for a great addition to any home. Of course, they are traditional and can keep the warmth in during the winter months. I also think that they are easy to install and provide a great amount of natural light into any space. For more complex projects, I suggest professional installation however even DIYers can perform this work with experience and the proper tools.

Double hung windows come with a double sash, an upper and lower one, both of which function independently. The movable sashes shift up and down with balancing devices supporting their movement. The balancing devices are typically suspended by ropes, chains and other devices. As the weight of the sash is counter balanced by the weights of the balancing devices, the window sets open at any possible position.

These windows save space, but they should also match the d├ęcor of your home. Windows should be placed in such a way that they can allow enough fresh air and ventilation. Thus, sufficient light can enter into the room. Usually, a professional can tell you whether a room would best be suited for these types of windows. In fact, a competent professional should also be able to help you with the installation, whether in performing said installation or recommending the services of a highly professional, licensed contractor. Performing the installation yourself is only recommended if you truly understand the process. After all, a poorly installed window will not only take away from the beauty of the room but it will also allow heat to escape in the winter, cutting down on the efficiency of your HVAC system.

In terms of exterior design, windows should complement or enhance the look of the building. I have noticed that many buildings, especially residential dwellings, not only save on lighting and heating costs by replacing old windows with better looking double hung windows, but the value of the house goes up due to its more appealing exterior look. It's the old story of increasing value by controlling costs and increasing the potential purchase price. Considering the current housing market, every little bit helps. Double hung windows add to the beautification of your home. In terms of functionality, some may say that the double hung windows have low value in terms of ventilation. However, they have a specialty of their own. As they open up instead of spreading out, double hung windows do not occupy exterior space. Thus, they are ideal for certain sections of the home such as walkways, porches, patios and other high passage areas. Consider how windows that do not slide forward tend to jut out into the room. They become obtrusive and can cause a hazard if small children are around. With the glass moving within the framework of the window instead of without, space is saved and the probability of a broken window goes down.

When installing double hung windows on your home, one must consider the overall design of the interiors. If you are in a fix while selecting the perfect double hung window design for your room, you can go through the wide assortment of styles from many professional dealers. With great diversity in styles and amazing designs, a professional gives you the option to choose from a wide selection of windows. When you select the ideal double hung window for your home, make sure that the window treatment is a compliment to the design of the exterior while still being practical in relation to the accessibility of the home. With the help of several astonishing assortment of fabrics, decorative hardware and shades, the double hung windows of your home can not only beautify the interiors, but also can add charming effect to the entire look of your room. My father helped me purchase my first home three years ago.

The house was perfect but we replaced the windows anyway due to what we'd both known about the efficiency and style of newer windows. The double hung windows changed the whole house; the look, the feel, the flavor, and they helped to keep my heating bills down. Your best bet is to find a licensed professional to help you through every step of the process. You too can see how changing something as simple as your windows will add value to your home.

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