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Dive Computer For Scuba Diving

There have been many diving tips where you've probably not been able to enjoy the trip as much as you'd like. Whether fishing or just enjoying the beautiful view benefit the water, you need to constantly remind yourself to check your depth and remember the amount of time you are in the water. This is where a Suunto dive computer can help you out.

Diving is complicated enough without having to throw up your own alarms if you are in danger. Sometimes it is too late once you've made a simple mistake that can be a cost one for you. While you should never forget your training, there's nothing wrong with having a helping hand on your dive trips.

The truth is that dive computers are the future of diving and it will not be long before every diver has one. A dive computer can offer you longer bottom times and make your own dive more relaxing and effective. Old dive table methods penalized you for greatest depth during your dives, but a dive computer can adjust as you ascend and descend, and that is how you get the longer bottom times.

Other convenient features of dive computers are that you have a minute to minute count of your nitrogen load, current depth level and amount of dive time remaining. Most models come equipped with a dive alarm that tells you when to start back to the surface at a decent pace. Now how is that for convenience?

Imagine being able to go on a dive without the worry of making a mistake. Imagine being able to freely do what you set out to do knowing that you'll be given an alarm when your time is over. With a Suunto dive computer you can get accurate readings on everything and can adjust your dive tables accordingly.

There are several models of dive computers available. Suunto dive computers are some of the most popular on the market today. The D9, D6 and D4 are some of their most popular models. The Suunto dive computers feature PC software called? Dive Manager? to help you plan and review your dive information. You can also store logs and attach images and other data to the logged information.

Suunto Devices

The D4 device is smaller and lightweight, intended for the casual diver. While it is great for giving you all the information you need, it lacks the graphic interface that that the higher models boast. The D4 also offers a lifetime history of your free dives as well as your scuba dives on the device itself along with a free operation mode.

The D6 model of dive computer adds some convenient graphical interfaces and has an integrated diving compass complete with heading, declination bearing and tracking directions.

The top of the line or D9 model is provides you all the amazing features of a Suunto dive computer but with a digital compass and wireless tank data reception! Both the D6 and D9 models have automatic air switching as well, which make them the clear winners in dive computing technology.

It is clear through their vision and attention to customer needs that Suunto is the leader in dive computers. The features of their devices along with their lightweight portability make Suunto dive computers invaluable friends for divers of any kind.

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