Computer Virus Protection

I am sitting in my local library typing this article because I do not want you to be in the same shoes that I am currently in. I am at the library because I did not have computer virus protection. Yes, that was pretty stupid of me I know. This will help you so that you do not follow my mistake. I say this because time is so important to us with all the different things that go on everyday with our family, friends, work, etc.

What happened was I was just doing a search and clicked on a page. All of a sudden my computer just went crazy. Stuff came popping up that said things like your computer is infected. As you can imagine, I totally freaked out. It only took a few minutes and bang my computer was in total disarray.

In a very short time, I could not even power my computer on. I wish I would have installed computer virus protection. You do not have to worry about your computer going crazy when the software is installed. With most of the software out there you just have to install it, set which settings you want (I like the setting that gives you automated updates), and that is it.

What happens next is you do not have no more worries about your computer getting infected because you now have computer virus protection (just make sure it is on). That will make life much easier. Your files will be safe and you will have no worries. Wish I would have done this before the computer virus destroyed my computer.

I suggest you learn from me and install computer virus protection. You will have no worries and your files will be safe. This has been a learning experience for me and hopefully for you also. I love my local library for all the education they have and also for letting me use the internet.

Source by Anthony Ballog

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