Computer Software Applications

Word Processing

Word Processing software is used to create and edit documents and allows the user to apply special formatting and style to the documents. Word Processing software is commonly used for company letters, memos, and legal documents in a business. Software packages such as Microsoft Word and Word Perfect are two of the common word processing programs used in business today.

Spreadsheet Software

A spreadsheet is used by accountants, department managers, researchers, etc. to analyze financial data. Popular packages that supply a spreadsheet include Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Corel Quattro Pro. A spreadsheets primary duty is to handle numbers and mathematical formulas either built-in to the software or set up by the user. The user can then transfer the data from the spreadsheet into a chart or graph with just a few clicks, if desired, using the same Excel program or whichever they are currently using. Companies can use a spreadsheet for monthly sales reports, annual comparisons, projection sales reports, income reports, and monthly cost and analysis. Additionally, a company can use the software for employee payroll.

Web Browsers

In order for a company to view web pages from the internet, the company would need web browser software. There are several on the market today such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and Google has a new one out called Chrome. Web browsers work with an internet connection and a Graphic User Interface (GUI) which allows users to interact with computers. This is important as it allows customers and employees to interact with the company website and be able to communicate with each other via the web.

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