Computer Protection Starts With the Browser

What's the first you thing you do before you get on the Internet? You turn your computer on. What's the second thing you do to access the Internet? Open your browser, of course! Now, one more last question; What do you use to download information from the Internet? Your browser.

It's simple to say that your browser is your access to the Internet, without it you would not be able to surf all day long, download music or visit your favorite websites. So why just secure your computer and not your browser?

It is common now days for hackers and terrorists to target many different areas of the Internet. From the software you download, to the pictures you view, to the flash games and banners you see everyday as well attacks from active-x objects, java script and firewall attacks. So, I guess it's safe to tell you that even though you have Internet security on your computer, you are not safe!

Securing your computer requires you to secure it from the source; Your browser. There's a few good options available in this area. Such as the following add-ons for Firefox:

  1. No script
  2. Ad-block Plus
  3. Web of Trust (wot)
  4. SpywareBlaster

I personally use all of the above and there is no impact to fire-fox loading or browsing. Let me tell you what each one does:

No Script blocks any type of script. The first time you visit a website, any scripts running on the site are blocked. However, if you know you can trust the website or you know what the script is, then you can freely allow the script.

NOTE: There are some scripts that are required to be allowed to run or else the website will not function properly.

Ad-block Plus blocks ads. Some ads can contain embedded code to install a virus on your computer or they can create a pop-up with a link to a phishing website. And just like No Script, you can also allow your favorite website to show the ads, that way you still help them generate an income to run the website.

Web of Trust works with Google search, which provides you with an overview of how well or bad the website is. If it is generally a good website, web of trust will display a green circle on the search results and if it's a bad site it will show up as a yellow or red circle. This is very helpful is distinguishing harmful sites from infecting your computer with viruses. WOT also works with links in your e-mail and some websites with text links.

SpywareBlaster works by providing protection from Active-x attacks and harmful cookies. This is mostly built for Internet Explorer but still blocks harmful cookies from other browsers.

So, just because you have the top of the line computer, Internet security and your running a virtual system, such as Returnil Virtual System, you're still not protected! Just remember to secure your browser and you'll be one step ahead of all the nasty viruses that want to get into your computer!

Source by Mavourneen Strozewski

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