Computer Memory – Time to Upgrade – How to Go Ahead

Computer memory upgrade has become a common process because of the availability of various options. On the other side, having so many options may create confusion about the right selection of add-on memory size. Most newbies try to expand their computer memory at maximum without analyzing their real requirements and their computer's configuration. As a result, in spite of adding a new memory card, they face the same problem of slow performance.

First of all, it is must to know the validity of your requirements. You must know whether you really need to extend the memory of computer because of its slow performance or it is working slow because of any other reason. Second thing to think about is the configuration of your computer. If you really need computer memory upgrade, how much more memory would be sufficient. While deciding this parameter, think about the existing and possible nature of your work to be performed over that computer. Here, it is important to take into consideration that some software too occupations considerable space on the memory card. If you are concerned with designing work, you need more memory. If you are using the computer mainly for data work, comparatively smaller memory card would be sufficient.

Mainly there are two options for computer memory upgrade. First is to replace the existing RAM. Second is to get a new computer memory add on card to be fixed in parallel. In case your computer motherboard has more than two RAM slots spare, you may get smaller capacity memory upgrade card and can add another at the later stage. In case, there is no free RAM slot, replace the existing card with new one. Mainly there are three types of RAMs. These are SDRAM, Rambus DRAM and DDR. Despite its comparatively high price, RDRAM is more preferred choice. However, selection out of these three depends the configuration and make of computer. The manual will guide you about this aspect. If have lost the computer manual, no need to worry. Just visit the site of your computer brand, you will find the details. Otherwise, RAM suppliers also provide the needed information.

If you do not want to take your computer for memory upgrade to the store, you can do it yourself also. For this you do not need to be technically expert. Go through the manual and get first hand information about the compatibility of RAM card. Unplug the system and open the console. Check the existing RAM and spare slots. Add the new memory upgrade card in the spared parallel slot. Placing the new card in other slots can result in failure to recognize new card. While placing the RAM card, do not push too hard. Before placing, check the slot notch position. At the proper placement, retainer clips will lock it automatically. For the safety point of view, better to use anti-static wristband

So when you need computer memory upgrade, go step by step instead of just getting the highest capacity RAM.

Source by Sachinda Mishra

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