Computer Locks Up – How to Fix a Frozen Computer Quickly

Have you been wondering why your computer locks up? Trying to pinpoint exactly what the problem is? Computer freezing is a very common problem but few ever realize exactly what causes it. Although the source of the issue is complex, the solution to fix it can be quite easy. After explaining why your computer locks up, I will offer a very easy solution you can use to fix a frozen computer right now.

Your computer locking up is caused by problems in the Windows registry. I am sure you have heard of the Windows registry but probably have little idea how it works. Well here's how.

The registry is the single most important component of your computer. It stores information to run all hardware, software, drivers, and other settings on your computer. When something needs to run it looks for the appropriate registry command to do so.

Unfortunately as your computer gets older and you install or download new things, the registry becomes bloated with a ton of redundant, corrupt, and useless information. Windows has no tool to clean the registry so it soon becomes a complete mess.

When your computer locks up it is because the communication process between your hardware and software has shutdown. If there are registry errors it will cause computer freezing because the system simply does not know what to do.

The solution to fix computer freezing is to repair the registry. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to complete this task manually. The registry is so vast and complex, trying to identify hundreds of errors can be quite time consuming. Luckily there is a program available which can perform this task for you.

Simple scan your computer with it and the program will offer a full diagnosis to pinpoint why your computer locks up and how to fix it. The software will also speed up your PC speed tremendously by clearing out all the excess junk slowing it down. Give it a try and scan your computer for free below.

Source by Jim Marshall

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